Research Article

MicroRNA181a Is Overexpressed in T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma and Related to Chemoresistance

Figure 5

Specific inhibition of miR181a expression could increase T-leukemia/lymphoma cells and resistant sublines sensitivity to doxorubicin, along with p-AKT downregulation. (a) and (b) IC50 of doxorubicin was significantly decreased in antagomir-treated Jurkat (a) and H9 (b) cells. The DOX-resistant Jurkat and H9 cells were exposed to doxorubicin for 6 weeks. ; comparing with the control cells. (c) and (d) Decreased AKT phosphorylation was found in miR181a antagomir-treated Jurkat (c) and H9 (d) cells.