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In Vivo Anti-Candida Activity of Phenolic Extracts and Compounds: Future Perspectives Focusing on Effective Clinical Interventions

Table 3

Phytochemical preparations evaluated through in vivo laboratorial models.

ApplicationIn vivo modelType of formulationReference

IntraperitonealImmunomodulationSolution (water)[65]
Intravenous Candida infectionSolution (methanol)[77]
Suspension (methanol)[75]

IntravaginalVaginal infectionCream (o/w emulsion)[70]

IntravenousIntravenous Candida infectionSolution (water)[78]

OrallyAnti-inflammation, antinociceptive and would healing potential (incision/excision models)Suspension (0.5% sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC))[72]
Excision and incision wound Suspension (extract in vehicle)[74]
ImmunomodulationSuspension (1% sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC))[66]
Suspension (1% w/v aqueous gum acacia)[67]
Intravenous Candida infectionSolution (aqueous)[76]
Oral cavity children affectionsMouthwash (water)[81]
Subclinical mastitisCrude extracts (cooked and powder leaves)[80]

TopicallyExcision and incision woundOintment (vehicle)[72]
Cream (aqueous)[71]
Excision woundCream (aqueous)[73]
Ointment (w/w)[69]
Ointment (w/w)[90]
Ointment (vehicle)[68]