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Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Isolation from Clinical and Environmental Samples in Iran: Twenty Years of Surveillance

Table 2

Case report studies of Iran.

SpeciesYearCityInfected organ

Mycobacteriumbranderi [27]2014TehranBone marrow
Mycobacterium marinum [28]2014SariPapule-hand
Mycobacterium iranicum [29]2013IsfahanBronchoalveolar lavage/hand wound
Mycobacterium arupense [30]2013KarajRespiratory system and blood
Mycobacterium chelonae [31] 2013TehranSputum and cervical lymph node
Mycobacterium aurum [32]2012ShirazCorneal biopsy
Mycobacterium europaeum [33]2012IlamSputum
Mycobacterium marinum [34]2011KhomeinNodule on the dorsum of fourth finger
Mycobacterium marinum [35]2011BabolLesions and pustules of the right forearm
Mycobacterium monacence [36] 2012IsfahanSputum
Mycobacterium parascrofulaceum [37]2011IsfahanVaginal discharge
Mycobacterium lentiflavum [38]2010TehranSputum
Mycobacterium marinum [39]2008SariNodules and bulls on the back of the right hand
Mycobacterium thermoresistibile [40]2006TehranCervical lymph node