Table 3: Multiple linear regression with stepwise backward elimination to predict training variables influencing injury severity index.

Predictor variableSE

Gender [male, female]0.5110.035
Duration of endurance running [min/week]0.0140.034
Frequency of endurance running [TS/week]2.7080.6790.7893.985<0.001
Frequency of HIIT [TS/week]1.425<0.001
Duration of complementary endurance [min/week]0.0160.0050.3733.2900.002
Duration of regeneration [min/week]0.0480.0200.2972.3760.022
Monotony in total duration [index]1.3050.4360.2972.9930.004

Note. TS = training sessions; HIIT = high-intensity interval training.