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Candesartan Mediated Amelioration of Cisplatin-Induced Testicular Damage Is Associated with Alterations in Expression Patterns of Nephrin and Podocin

Figure 7

(a) Immunofluorescence double staining for nephrin and podocin in cultured mouse Sertoli cells, line TM4, following treatment with angiotensin-II and/or candesartan. Nephrin was stained in green with FITC, podocin was stained in red with Texas Red, and the nuclei were stained in blue with DAPI. The overlaps of nephrin and podocin are indicated in orange. Nephrin and podocin are mainly located at junctions between cells, and administration of angiotensin-II induced redistribution of nephrin and podocin. These changes were partially restored by additional treatment with candesartan. (b) Coimmunoprecipitation (IP) assays of nephrin and podocin in cultured mouse Sertoli cells, line TM4. Whole-cell lysates prepared from TM4 cells were immunoprecipitated with antipodocin or nephrin antibody and blotted with antinephrin or podocin antibody, respectively.