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Functional and Physical Outcomes following Use of a Flexible CO2 Laser Fiber and Bipolar Electrocautery in Close Proximity to the Rat Sciatic Nerve with Correlation to an In Vitro Thermal Profile Model

Figure 1

Photographs show the exposed sciatic nerves. The positions where two silver wires, 125 μm in diameter, were placed in a small pocket below the nerve are indicated with arrows. The stimulating electrode is situated proximal to the body and was used to deliver biphasic electrical pulses (0.25 ms per phase) to evoke nerve compound action potentials (CNPs). The recording electrode was distal to the body and was used to monitor the CNPs. (a) shows the positioning of the OmniGuide Neuro-laser fiber. The distance from the nerve was controlled using a micromanipulator and the tip of the fiber was placed 2 mm above the tissue. The starting point for the experiment was 2-3 mm lateral from the gray line. (b) shows the MALIS forceps tines in contact with the tissue, perpendicular to the nerve and parallel to the nerve in (c).