Table 2: Common carotid artery and common femoral artery structure, stiffness, and flow before and after HDTBR in 10 healthy volunteers.

Before After Before After

IMT (μm)0.27 0.58
Diameter minimum (mm)0.12 <0.01
Diameter maximum (mm)0.09 <0.01
Δ diameter (mm)0.71 0.72
End-diastolic IMT/radius0.14 <0.01
End-diastolic wall stress (kPa)0.70 0.05
Beta index0.29 0.20
Peak velocity systolic (cm/s)0.83 0.09
Peak velocity diastolic (cm/s)0.66 <0.05
Resistive index0.88 0.05
Mean flow per beat (mL)0.42 0.90
Systolic flow per beat (mL)0.74 0.37
Diastolic flow per beat (mL)0.08 0.05
Ratio syst/diast flow per beat0.07 0.01
WSR peak near wall (s−1)0.29 0.89
WSR peak far wall (s−1)0.49 0.34

IMT: intima-media thickness; WSR: wall shear rate.