Figure 2: Stable and transient RNA-mediated TWIST1 knockdown in SUM 1315. (a) Western blotting demonstrated robust TWIST1 knockdown in both shTwistA and shTwistB lines. (b) qPCR confirmed TWIST1 knockdown at the mRNA level for both stable knockdown lines. Error bars represent standard deviation. (c) SUM 1315 cells expressing shTwistA or shTwistB exhibited decreased directional migration compared to those expressing shScram control in wound healing assays. Dashed lines indicate migratory front and were added manually. Images shown are representative data from experiments performed in triplicate. (d) Western blot demonstrated substantial TWIST1 knockdown in SUM 1315 cells transfected with siTwistA and siTwistB using Lipofectamine 2000 when compared to nontransfected (NTF), Lipofectamine 2000 alone (Lipo only), or control siRNA (siCtrl). (e) qPCR results mirrored those seen in the Western blot.