Table 2: The benefits and drawbacks of antibiotic cement nails.


High concentration of local antibiotic elution: up to 200 times greater than with systemic drug administration, independent of vascular supply [21]
Stability to the fracture/nonunion site, allowing for early weight bearing [23]
Local antibiotic delivery independent of patient compliance [23]
Systemic toxicity of antibiotics very rarely observed [8]
Versatility of modifying antibiotic as per the culture report [27]
Control of infection and stability is achieved with a single procedure [44]
Alternative for patients refusing or not being right candidates for external fixation [13]
Local antibiotic carriers have never been shown to be superior to intravenous administration of antibiotics in terms of cure rate [21]
Require repeat surgery [23]
Possible emergence of resistance [13]
Possible MMA toxicity [102, 103]