Table 4: Representative examples illustrating multiplex PCR CGE methods targeting GMO.


TetraplexTaxon-specificZein and LEC [50]
Element-specificp35S and tNOS
TetraplexTaxon-specificSAD1 [51]
Element-specificCry1Ac, p35S, and tNOS
PentaplexTaxon-specificADH [52]
Event-specificBt11, GA21, MON810, and NK603
HexaplexTaxon-specificacp1 [53]
Event-specificBollgard, Bollgard II, RR, 3006-210-23, and 281-24-231
HexaplexTaxon-specificHMG[54, 55]
Event-specificDAS-59122-7, LY038, MON88017, MIR604, and 3272
OctaplexEvent-specificBt11, Bt176, Huanong No. 1, GTS40-3-2, T25, MON88913, MON1445, and MIR604[56]
OctaplexTaxon-specificLEC and ssIIb
Element-specificpFMV and tNOS[56]
Event-specificTC1507, MON531, NK603, and GA21
Element-specificbar, chy, pAct, CP4-EPSPS, and Cry1Ab[56]
Event-specificGT73 and OXY235
NonaplexTaxon-specificHMG[57, 58]
Event-specificT25, GA21, TC1507, MON863, MON810, NK603, Bt176, and Bt11

acp1 (acyl carrier protein 1 gene from cotton); ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase I gene from maize); bar (phosphinothricin-N-acetyltransferases gene from Streptomyces hygroscopicus); Chy (chymopapain gene from papaya); CP4-EPSPS (5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase gene from Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain); Cry (gene encoding the Bacillus thuringiensis δ-endotoxin); HMG (major high-mobility group protein gene from maize); LEC (lectin gene from soybean); p35S (promoter of the 35 S cauliflower mosaic virus); pAct (promoter region of rice actin gene); pFMV (promoter of the figwort mosaic virus); SAD1 (stearoyl-acyl carrier protein desaturase gene from cotton); ssIIb (starch synthase IIb gene from maize); tNOS (terminator of the nopaline synthase gene); Zein (Zein gene from maize).