Table 6: Representative examples illustrating Luminex strategies targeting GMO.


SimplexElement-specificp35S and CP4-EPSPS[65]
TriplexTaxon-specificZein [66]
Event-specificMIR604 and MON88017
TetraplexEvent-specificBt176, MON810, NK603, and GA21[66]
TetraplexEvent-specificBt11, T25, MIR162, and MON89034[66]
PentaplexTaxon-specificSPS [67]
Element-specificCry1Ac, tNOS, p35S, and LS28
Element-specificCry1Ac, Cry1F, and pat[68]
Event-specific281-24-236 and 3006-210-23

CP4-EPSPS (5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase gene from Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain); Cry (gene encoding the Bacillus thuringiensis δ-endotoxin); LS28 (choline kinase); p35S (promoter of the 35 S cauliflower mosaic virus) SAD1 (stearoyl-acyl carrier protein desaturase gene from cotton); SPS (sucrose phosphate synthase gene from rice); tNOS (terminator of the nopaline synthase gene); tORF23 (open reading frame 23 terminator from A. tumefaciens); Zein (Zein gene from maize).