Figure 2: Metacyclogenesis as evaluated by flow cytometry. Parasites in growth logarithmic phase were distributed into 24-well plates ( parasites/mL) in Grace’s medium, at 26°C, in triplicates. After 2, 6, or 10 day of culture, parasites were analyzed by flow cytometry. Figures show size (FSC) and granulocity (SSC) of parasites from 2nd ((a) IMG3 L. braziliensis; (b) MAB6 L. amazonensis), 6th ((c) IMG3; (d) MAB6), and 10th ((e) IMG3; (f) MAB6) days of culture. are metacyclic forms (left gate) and are procyclic forms (right gate). (g) and (h) data represent percentage of small forms (median with minimal and maximal values) of four independent experiments. (2nd versus 6th; 2nd versus 10th day).