Table 1: Neural generators of evoked potential components.

S. numberName of the components Latencies (msec)Neural generators

1Short latency auditory evoked potentialWave I1.9Auditory portion of the eighth cranial nerve
Wave II3.6Near or at the cochlear nucleus. A portion from the eighth nerve fibers around the cochlear nucleus
Wave III4.2The lower pons through the superior olive and trapezoid body
Wave IV5.2The upper pons or lower midbrain, in the lateral lemniscus and the inferior colliculus; a contralateral brainstem generator for wave V is suggested
Wave V5.8
Na14–19Medial geniculate body
Pa25–32Superior temporal gyrus

2Mid latency auditory evoked potentialNb35–65Dorso-posterior-medial part of Heschl’s gyrus that is the primary auditory cortex
N140–60 msSecondary auditory cortex in the lateral Heschl’s gyrus
P180–115 msBilateral parts of the auditory superior cortex

Long latency auditory evoked potentialN2140–180 msMesencephalic-reticular activating system (RAS)
P2220–280 msAnterior cingulate cortex