Table 2: Semiquantitative analysis of TCEE induced P21 and P27 expression and cleavage of caspase-3 on Hep3B and HepJ5 cells. Data were presented as mean plus standard deviation of induction fold compared with Hep3B and HepJ5 cells treated with normal culture serum. The presented values were relative induction fold of P21 and P27 and cleaved caspase-3 on TCEE treated cells compared with normal culture medium treated cells. Experiments were repeated in triplicate. values were determined by Student’s -test. Semiquantitative data were normalized by expression of GAPDH.


P2136.6 ± 13.4<0.0185.1 ± 6.1<0.01
P2733.2 ± 8.5<0.014.5 ± 1.1<0.01
Cleaved caspase-32.6 ± 0.4<0.011.4 ± 1.20.63