BioMed Research International / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Trying to Put the Puzzle Together: Age and Performance Level Modulate the Neural Response to Increasing Task Load within Left Rostral Prefrontal Cortex

Table 1

Sample characteristics.


Gender (female/male)4/57/35/56/5

Mean age/SD27.89/5.1827.3/5.3359.5/5.4661.91/5.03
Minimum age20215056
Maximum age35356871

School education/SD12.67/1.012.4/1.0811.0/1.6311.09/1.92
Minimum school education101088
Maximum school education13131313

MoCA score/SD29.11/.3327.2/2.7427.1/2.7326.0/2.61

MWT score/SC32.44/2.730.6/3.4132.3/3.5631.73/3.95

Note. Age and school education are given in years. YHP = younger high performers; YLP = younger low performers; OHP = older high performers; OLP = older low performers; SD = standard deviation; MoCA = Montreal Cognitive Assessment; MWT = multiple choice vocabulary test.