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Trying to Put the Puzzle Together: Age and Performance Level Modulate the Neural Response to Increasing Task Load within Left Rostral Prefrontal Cortex

Table 3

Localization and statistics of the peak voxels for the main effect of load (ROI analyses).

ROIBrain structurexyzF

DLPFCBA 9L superior frontal medial gyrus293712.350.003
R cingulum middle323414.180.001
BA 46R inferior frontal, opercular part17288.270.026
VLPFCBA 44L inferior frontal, opercular part171613.99>0.001
R inferior frontal, opercular part1777.170.028
BA 45L insula23419.42>0.001
R insula3923411.420.002
aPFCBA 10R middle frontal gyrus2744259.890.022

Note. Threshold of < 0.05 (FWE-corrected according to SPM8, small volume correction). indicates results surviving a Bonferroni-correction for the set of ROIs ( < 0.005). All coordinates () are given in MNI space. DLPFC = dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; VLPFC = ventrolateral prefrontal cortex; aPFC = anterior prefrontal cortex; ROI = region of interest; BA = Brodmann area; L = left; R = right.