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Trying to Put the Puzzle Together: Age and Performance Level Modulate the Neural Response to Increasing Task Load within Left Rostral Prefrontal Cortex

Table 5

Localization and statistics of the peak voxels for the group load interaction (ROI analyses).

ROIBrain structurexyzF

DLPFCBA 46L frontal inferior gyrus, triangular part23254.480.030
VLPFCBA 44L frontal inferior gyrus, opercular part17163.910.039
BA 45L insula2045.100.007

Note. Threshold of < 0.05 (FWE-corrected according to SPM8, small volume correction). indicates results surviving a Bonferroni-correction for the set of ROIs ( < 0.005). All coordinates () are given in MNI space. PFC = prefrontal cortex; DLPFC = dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; VLPFC = ventrolateral prefrontal cortex; ROI = region of interest; BA = Brodmann area; L = left; R = right.