Research Article

Transgenic Carrot Expressing Fusion Protein Comprising M. tuberculosis Antigens Induces Immune Response in Mice

Figure 2

Analysis of transgenic carrot plants. (a) PCR reaction. Electrophoretic patterns of the PCR amplified genomic DNA of three selected transformants assayed for the presence of the fusion gene cfp10-esat6-dIFN (1.5% agarose gel): (1–3) DNA of transgenic carrot plants; (4) DNA of a nontransgenic carrot plant; (5) positive control (plasmid pBi121-CFP10-ESAT6-dIFN); (6) negative control (no template DNA); and (7) DNA length marker (bp). (b) Western blot assay of the extracts (total soluble protein) of transgenic carrot storage roots: In (b), lane (1) molecular weight marker Precision Plus Protein Kaleidoscope Standards (BioRad, USA); lane (2) control 1, purified rCFP10-ESAT6-dIFN protein produced in E. coli; lane (3) control 2, rCFP10-ESAT6-dIFN protein from inclusion bodies of E. coli; lane (4) negative control, extract of nontransgenic carrot storage roots; lane (5) extract of transgenic carrot storage roots. Molecular weights of the visualized fragments and their assumed composition are shown to the right; marker proteins molecular weights are shown to the left.