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Analysis of Anaphylactic Shock Caused by 17 Types of Traditional Chinese Medicine Injections Used to Treat Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases

Table 1

Patients who suffered anaphylactic shock after being treated with 17 types of traditional Chinese medicine injections for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Serial numberChinese herbal injectionsConstituentsNumber of casesDistributions of ages*SexMode of deliveryOnset of symptomsDistributions of onset*Timely rescueNumber of deaths

1Shenmai injection(1) Red ginseng 
(2) Ophiopogon japonicus
390/22/11/626 F, 13 M36IVI*, 3IMI*10 s–1 h8/25/6/0/0Yes0

2Ciwujia injectionCiwujia stem and leaf extracts330/11/14/815 F, 18 M33IVI3 min–2.5 h1/15/13/3/1Yes0

3Salvia miltiorrhiza injectionSalvia miltiorrhiza extract90/5/2/23 F, 6 M9IVI1 min–30 min2/4/3/0/0Yes0

4Tanshinone IIA sodium
sulfonate injection
Salvia miltiorrhiza extract; main components: Two terpene quinone compounds50/0/1/43 F, 2 M5IVI2 min–30 min0/1/4/0/0Yes0

5Dan Hong injection(1) Salvia miltiorrhiza extract 
(2) Safflower extract
40/2/0/23 F, 1 M4IVI1 min–40 min0/3/1/0/0Yes0

6Breviscapine injectionErigeron breviscapus extract110/2/4/53 F, 8 M11IVI3 min–2 h0/2/6/3/0Yes0

7Erigeron injectionErigeron breviscapus extract: phenolic constituents
Main component: wild Baicalin, total caffeic acid ester
60/0/0/64 F, 2 M6IVI10 min–1.5 h0/1/4/1/0Yes0

8Compound Danshen injection(1) Salvia miltiorrhiza extract 
(2) Dalbergia extract
530/19/18/1623 F, 30 M53IVI10 s–2 h5/30/15/3/0Yes5 death, 1 fetal death

9Puerarin injection(1) Puerarin extract 
(2) Propylene glycol, water for injection
230/1/11/118 F, 15 M23IVI2 min–2 h1/2/18/2/0Yes2

10Safflower injectionSafflower extract
Main components: safflower yellow pigment, safflower quinone, glycoside, carthamin, new carthamin
270/7/10/1115 F, 12 M27IVI2 min–1 h1/16/10/0/0Yes0

11Mailuoning injectionHoneysuckle, Achyranthes root, Dendrobium, Xuan Can641/19/15/2930 F, 34 M64IVI10 s–50 min11/40/13/0/0Yes2

12Shengmai injectionRed ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra chinensis 160/2/5/97 F, 9 M16IVI10 s–30 min3/10/3/0/0Yes0

13Shuxuetong injectionLeech and earthworm60/1/3/24 F, 2 M6IVI5 min–1.5 h0/3/2/1/0Yes0

14Xingnaojing injectionMusk, borneol, turmeric, Gardenia 172/7/3/54 F, 13 M17IVI3 s–45 min1/12/4/0/0Yes0

15Xuebijing injectionExtracts: safflower, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae, Radix Angelicae sinensis Main component: safflor yellow A122/7/2/17 F, 5 M12IVI2 min–10 min0/12/0/0/0Yes0

16Xuesaitong injectionTotal saponins of three-seven byproducts, main components: Ginsenoside Rb1, Ginsenoside Rg1, three-seven, Ginsenoside R1210/3/5/1313 F, 8 M20IVI, 1IMI2 min–1.5 h1/11/8/1/0Yes0

17Xueshuantong injectionThree-seven root extracts, main components: Ginsenoside Rg1, Ginsenoside Rb140/0/2/21 F, 3 M4IVI3 min–1 h0/2/2/0/0Yes0

Total3505/108/106/132169 F, 181 M34/189/112/14/1

Distributions of ages: number of children (≤18 years)/number of youth (19–45 years)/number of middle-aged (46–59 years)/number of aged cases (≥60 years).
*Distributions of onset: within 1 min/between 1 min to 10 mins/between 11 mins to 60 mins/between 61 mins to 120 mins/over 120 mins.
IVI: intravenous injection.
IMI: intramuscular injection.
The references of the cases are in the support material.

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