Research Article

Anti-Lung Cancer Activity of the Curcumin Analog JZ534 In Vitro

Figure 4

JZ534 induced the cell apoptosis of lung cancer cells. (a) H460, A549, H1975, and HCC827 were incubated with 8 μM JZ534 or curcumin for 24 h. Percentage of apoptotic cells as determined by flow cytometry. ((b), (c)) Histogram illustrating the rate of cell apoptosis from three FACS analyses from three separate treatments (; ). ((d), (e)) Cell apoptosis was detected by Western blot analysis. Cleaved caspase-3, Bax, and p53 were detected in H460 and A549 cells incubated with different concentrations of JZ534 or curcumin for 24 h.