Research Article

Changes of the eSheath Outer Dimensions Used for Transfemoral Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Figure 2

Outer diameter dimensions of the eSheath. (a) Outer diameter of the unexpanded 14 F eSheath was  mm and  mm for the 16 F eSheath. (b) Ex vivo maximum expansion diameter at the pusher site during the passage of the fully crimped 26 mm Sapien 3 valve. Maximum expansion diameter was  mm with a 23 mm Sapien ECDS in a 14 F eSheath,  mm in a 26 mm Sapien ECDS in a 14 F eSheath, and  mm in a 29 mm Sapien 3 ECDS in a 16 F eSheath. (c) Expanded distal end of the 14 F femoral eSheath after TAVR without the introducer. Outer eSheath diameter was  mm after implantation of a 23 mm valve in a 14 F eSheath,  mm after implantation of 26 mm valve in a 14 F eSheath, and  mm after implantation of a 29 mm valve in a 16 F eSheath.