BioMed Research International / 2015 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Surveillance of Food- and Smear-Transmitted Pathogens in European Soldiers with Diarrhea on Deployment in the Tropics: Experience from the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) Mali

Table 5

Mode of food intake of diarrhea patients with bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections.

Detected pathogen groups
BacteriaVirusesParasitesNo detected pathogenMultiple infections

Field kitchen only12/151/151/152/156/15
Field kitchen and field rations1/10/10/10/11/1
Field kitchen and field rations and outdoor facility2/40/41/41/42/4
Field kitchen and field rations and hotel and outdoor facility2/20/20/20/20/2
Field kitchen and field rations and hotel and restaurant1/11/10/10/11/1
Field kitchen and hotel3/51/50/52/22/5
Field kitchen and hotel and outdoor facility3/32/31/30/33/3
Field kitchen and outdoor facility3/52/50/50/51/5
Field kitchen and restaurant2/30/30/31/31/3
Hotel and outdoor facility0/10/10/11/10/1
No data0/10/10/11/10/1