Research Article

Modeling the Effects of Multiple Intervention Strategies on Controlling Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Table 1

Model parameters and their interpretations.

DescriptionSymbolUnitsBaseline valueRef.

Vaccine efficacy0.5[2]
Modification factor0.4Estimate
FMD transmission rate Day−10.6[3]
Non-FMD related exit rateDay−10.001[15]
Latency period for animals in class Day−10.26[11]
Latency period for animals in class Day−10.07[11]
Fraction of exposed animals vaccinated0.65Estimate
FMD-related death for animals in class Day−10.0008[5]
FMD-related permanent exit from class Day−10.143[3]
Detection and culling of infectious FMD carriersDay−10.25 (0–0.25)[3]
Rate of vaccination for the susceptible populationDay−10.25[3]
Proportion of infectious animals detected and culled0.85Estimate
Proportion of infected animals that become carriers0.45 (0.15–0.5)[5]