Table 1: Nonbiopsy and incorrect selection of biopsy site according to the colposcopic impression formulated by the committee.

Committee decision on biopsy according to colposcopic impressionTotal
Biopsy: no
Biopsy: yes

Colposcopist decision on biopsy
 Yes, incorrect siteNA58852145145
 Yes, correct siteNA468102423417261726
 Yes, subtotal200526110923618712071
Nonbiopsy rateNA0.11 (0.08–0.13)0.01 (0.01-0.02)0.00 (0.00–0.02)0.04 (0.03–0.05)NA
Incorrect biopsy site rateNA0.10 (0.08–0.12)0.08 (0.06–0.09)0.01 (0.00–0.03)0.07 (0.06–0.09)NA
Total biopsy failure rateNA0.21 (0.17–0.24)0.09 (0.07–0.11)0.01 (0.00–0.03)0.11 (0.10–0.13)NA

G1: abnormal, grade 1; G2: abnormal, grade 2; Cancer: suspected invasive cancer.