Table 2: Nonbiopsy and incorrect selection of biopsy site according to original histological diagnosis.


Colposcopist decision on biopsy
 Yes, incorrect site3521752133
 Yes, correct site3302108602321632
 Yes, subtotal3652319352341765
Nonbiopsy rate0.12 (0.09–0.15)0.02 (0.01–0.05)0.01 (0.00–0.02)0.01 (0.00–0.03)0.03 (0.03-0.04)
Incorrect biopsy site rate0.08 (0.06–0.12)0.09 (0.06–0.13)0.08 (0.06–0.10)0.01 (0.00–0.03)0.07 (0.06–0.09)
Total biopsy failure rate0.20 (0.16–0.24)0.11 (0.07–0.15)0.09 (0.07–0.11)0.02 (0.00–0.04)0.11 (0.09–0.12)

CIN: cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; AIS: adenocarcinoma in situ.
aFifty-nine CIN1 cases were excluded from evaluation because the committee did not consider them worthy of biopsy based on colposcopic findings and, thus, did not classify the correctness of biopsy site as indicated (if any) by the colposcopists.