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Age-Specific Gene Expression Profiles of Rhesus Monkey Ovaries Detected by Microarray Analysis

Table 7

Results of functional annotation of orthologs genes downregulated in old monkey ovary compared to young and middle-aged monkey ovary.


Cell cycleCell cycle/mitosis/mitotic cell cycle/nuclear division/cell division/organelle fissionBARD1, RAD51, CDCA2, BUB1, TTK, CCNB1, PTTG1, KIF15, SUV39H2, NCAPH, NCAPG, MCM3, TACC3, OIP5, CCNB2, and AURKA

Cellular macromoleculesMacromolecular complex assembly/macromolecular complex subunit organization/protein complex biogenesis/assemblyTGS1, RAD51, TUBB2C, DNAAF2, ASF1A, OOEP, HIST1H1D, and ENSG00000112290

ReproductionSexual reproduction/reproductive cellular process/gamete generation/oocyte development/fertilizationFIGLA, ZP3, BCL2L10, CCNB1, OOEP, DNMT3A, PTTG1, ZP2, and AMH

Chromatin Chromosome organization/chromatin assembly or disassembly/chromatin organizationSUV39H2, NCAPH, WHSC1, NCAPG,ASF1A, DNMT3A, PTTG1, HIST1H1D, and DNMT3B

Regulation of cellular processPositive regulation of macromolecule metabolic process/positive regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic processBARD1, RAD51, TESC, ASF1A, TTK, and CCNB1
Regulation of transcriptionFUBP1, OTX2, FIGLA, TGS1, MLF1IP, TESC, ASF1A, ZNF77, SUV39H2, HNRNPD, ELAVL2, DNMT3A, and MCM3
Regulation of apoptosis or cell deathBARD1, TUBB2C, and BCL2L10

DNADNA metabolic process RMI2, BARD1, RAD51, GINS2, ASF1A, DNMT3A, MCM3, and PTTG1
DNA repair/response to DNA damage stimulusBARD1, RAD51, ASF1A, and PTTG1

RNARNA splicing/mRNA processing/mRNA metabolic processSRSF2, TGS1, HNRNPD, HNRNPA1L2, and ENSG00000135486

MethylationBiopolymer methylation/methylationSUV39H2, TGS1, DNMT3A, and DNMT3B

Oocyte meiosisBUB1, CCNB1, PTTG1, CCNB2, and AURKA
Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturationBUB1, CCNB1, and CCNB2
SpliceosomeSRSF2, HNRNPA1L2, and ENSG00000135486

Functional categories of genes were assembled from annotation and PubMed.