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Cross-Omics Comparison of Stress Responses in Mesothelial Cells Exposed to Heat- versus Filter-Sterilized Peritoneal Dialysis Fluids

Figure 1

Cross-omics comparison of stress responses in mesothelial cells exposed to heat-versus filter-sterilized peritoneal dialysis fluid. HPMC cultures () were continuously exposed to a 1 : 1 mix of heat- or filter-sterilized PDF (“H” or “F”) and cell culture medium for 24 hours. Data are expressed as ratio of the respective proteomics and transcriptomics results from heat- over those of filter-sterilized PDF exposed mesothelial cells (H/F). The comparison of proteomics and transcriptomics data allowed the discrimination of differentially regulated protein expression into groups depending on correlating or noncorrelating transcripts. The inadequate expression of several HSP (full symbols) on the protein level is not reflected on the transcriptional level indicating potential interference of GDPs in translational activity and regulation.