Table 3: Descriptive statistics mean, standard deviation, median, and interquartile range (IQR2) of NUCCA1 assessments before-after initial intervention ().

NUCCA1  assessmentMeanStandard deviationMedianQ1, Q3

Before-NUCCA1-Supine Leg Check (inches)0.730.180.750.5, 0.75
After-NUCCA1-Supine Leg Check (inches), 0

Before-NUCCA1-GSA3 Posture Score31.553.9130.0028, 35
After-NUCCA1-GSA3  Posture Score3.911.083.003, 4

Before-NUCCA1-Atlas Laterality  (degrees)3.681.573.252.5, 5.5
After-NUCCA1-Atlas Laterality  (degrees)1.321.180.750.5, 0.75

Before-NUCCA1-Atlas Rotation  (degrees)2.571.123.001.5, 3.5
After-NUCCA1-Atlas Rotation  (degrees)0.570.850.000. 1.5

As derived from radiograph measurement.
1NUCCA: National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.
2IQR: interquartile range.
3GSA: Gravity Stress Analyzer.