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Can Acute Pain Treatment Reduce Postsurgical Comorbidity after Breast Cancer Surgery? A Literature Review

Table 3

Analgesic effect on the cancer recurrence.

Surgical procedureAnalgesic modalityOutcomesStudy designSample size Journals (year)1st authorCitation

Mastectomy with or without ALND PVB with 0.25% levobupivacaine versus morphine for postsurgical analgesiaReduction of tumor recurrence and metastasis in PVB groupRetrospective studyAnesthesiology (2006)Exadaktylos [44]
Mastectomy with ALND Ketorolac versus sufentanil versus clonidine versus ketamine for perioperative analgesiaKetorolac associated with reduction of tumor recurrence and metastasisRetrospective studyAnesth. Analg. (2010)Forget[48]

Pt mastectomy: partial mastectomy, SLNB: sentinel lymph node biopsy, and ALND: axillary lymph node dissection.