Table 3: The sources of the gltB gene sequences for the phylogenetic analysis; consecutive laboratory numeration of the registered alleles.

SpeciesSource or GenBank accession numbergltB allele or locus tag

1B.  cenocepacia [18]11
2B.  cenocepacia [18]16
3B. stabilis [18]18
4B. multivorans [18]50
5B. multivorans [18]60
6B. contaminans [18]80
7B. vietnamiensis [18]103
8B.  cenocepacia [18]134
9B.  cenocepacia [18]136
10B.  cenocepacia [18]176
11B.  cenocepacia [18]352
12B. multivorans [18]358
13A. xylosoxidans KC817498
14A. xylosoxidans KC817500
15A. xylosoxidans KF290958
16A. xylosoxidans KF290959
17A. xylosoxidans KJ941209
18A. xylosoxidans KF297891
19A. xylosoxidans KF963246
20A. xylosoxidans KF963247
21A. xylosoxidans KF963248
22A. xylosoxidans KF963249
23A. xylosoxidans KF963250
24A. xylosoxidans KJ364657
25A. xylosoxidans KJ439616
26A. xylosoxidans KM262752
27A. xylosoxidans KM262753
28R. solanacearum AL646052.1RSc2965
29R. pickettii CP006667.1N234_19250
30A. citrulli CP000512.1Aave_1008
31V. paradoxus CP001635.1Vapar_1152
32B. bronchiseptica HE965806.1BN112_3590
33B. pertussis BX640422.1BP3753
34P. pnomenusa KM410934KM410934
35P. pnomenusa CP007506.1DA70_18115
36L. mirabilis KM410932 KM410932
37L. mirabilis KM410933KM410933
38L. mirabilis AEQP01000020.1EFV94423.1
39P. aeruginosa AE004091.2PA5036
40P. aeruginosa FM209186.1PLES_54261