Table 4: Summary of reviewed publications with S53P4 bioactive glass as bone graft material in benign bone tumour treatment.

ReferenceClinical indicationNumber of treated patients with S53P4 implantsApplication formNumber of successful treatmentsComplications related to S53P4 implantStudy designFollow-up period [months]Examinations during follow-up

Lindfors et al. [36]Grafting of benign bone tumours14Granules (1.0–2.0 and 3.15–4.0 mm)111 reoperation due to a residual cyst
2 fractures due to not following immobilization advice
Prospective single centre randomized study36CT and X-ray evaluation and blood sample examinations

Lindfors [37]Recurrent aneurysmal bone cyst1Granules (0.5–0.8 mm)1NoneA single case study 24X-ray examination and clinical evaluation on function and growing

Lindfors et al. [38]Grafting of benign bone tumours11Granules (1.0–2.0 and 3.15–4.0 mm)11NoneProspective single centre randomized study168 (average, range: not reported) Clinical examination, X-ray, MRI, and CT evaluation