Table 5: Clinical characteristics of patients correlate with overall survival by Cox proportional hazard regression analysis.

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
HR95% CI valueHR95% CI value

Age (<60 y, ≥60 y)3.8211.104–13.2240.0340.990 0.222–4.4120.990
Gender (female, male)0.966 0.375–2.4930.943
Alcohol consumption (no, yes)1.774 0.665–4.7320.252
H. pylori infection (no, yes)2.076 0.740–5.8260.165
Histological type (intestinal, diffuse)0.435 0.126–1.5060.189
Differential (good/moderate, poor)3.422 1.321–8.8610.011 2.2230.865–6.2320.095
TNM stage (I + II, III + IV)16.434 3.760–51.8340.000 10.7992.013–37.9380.005
Lymph node metastasis (N0, N1–3)1.988 0.653–6.0540.226
Tumor size (<3 cm, ≥3 cm)1.1980.450–3.1940.717
FLNC methylation (no, yes)3.7980.416–26.5020.132
THBS1 methylation (no, yes)3.2620.943–11.2850.062
UCHL1 methylation (no, yes)6.6941.536–19.1720.0113.6880.769–14.6770.103
DLEC1 methylation (no, yes)4.1620.553–31.3080.166

HR, hazard ratio; CI, confidence interval; values < 0.05 are presented in bold.