Research Article

The R21C Mutation in Cardiac Troponin I Imposes Differences in Contractile Force Generation between the Left and Right Ventricles of Knock-In Mice

Figure 3

Force-pCa dependence (a) and Ca2+-sensitivity (b) in LV and RV of R21C+/+ mice compared with LV and RV of WT mice. Note that the Ca2+ sensitivity of force was lower in RV-WT compared to LV-WT (). The Ca2+ sensitivity of force was also lower in the LV of R21C+/+ mice versus LV-WT. The pCa50 was larger in the RV-R21C+/+ compared to RV of WT mice (). No differences in the force-pCa dependence were observed between the LV versus RV of R21C+/+ mice. Number of mice and muscle strips are as in Figure 2. Error bars are SEM.