Research Article

RCCS Bioreactor-Based Modelled Microgravity Induces Significant Changes on In Vitro 3D Neuroglial Cell Cultures

Figure 3

Glial marker localisation in GL15 cells. Representative confocal images of GL15 cells cultured as a monolayer (2D, (a), (c), and (e)) and under the modelled microgravity (RCCS bioreactor, (b), (d), and (f)) and immunostained with anti-GFAP ((a) and (b)), anti-S100B ((c) and (d)), and anti-Cx43 ((e) and (f)) antibodies (as indicated). The RCCS G-aggregate sections were also stained with propidium iodide (PI). Insets in (b), (d), and (f) show image magnification. Scale bars, 25 μm.