Table 2: Synthetic inhibitory compounds in P. aeruginosa biofilm formation.

Synthetic compounds
(Natural compound origin)
QS inhibitionBiofilm inhibition(a)Dispersion promotionSynergistic antibiotic and/or immune defense effect

TAGE and CAGE (Bromoageliferin)NC+ (24 h)+NC[132]
Dihydrosventrin (Sventrin)NC+ (24 h)+NC[133]
N-(4-bromo-phenylacetanoyl)-l-HSL; N-(indole-3-butanoyl)-L-HSL (AHLs)+ AHLs antagonist (las system)+ (24 h)NCNC[97]
3-oxo-C12-cyclohexanone (AHLs)+ AHLs antagonist (las system)+ (24 h)NCNC[98]
C10-cyclopentylamide (AHLs)+ (lasI and rhlA)+ (24 h)NCNC[99]
Furanone C-30 and C-56 (Furanone)+ (las, rhl systems)+ (24 h)[55, 100, 101]
S-phenyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide (Cysteine sulfoxide alliin)+ (las, rhl systems) + (24 h)NCNC [148]
Diphenyl disulfide (Disulfide derivatives of the alliinase mediated reactions)+ las system + (24 h)NCNC
Azythromycin (Erythromycin)+ (gacA, las and rhl systems)+ (72 h)++(1)[103, 108, 109]

+: yes; −: no; NC: not communicated.
At subinhibitory concentration.
(a)Experiment duration.