Research Article

Cosuppression of Sprouty and Sprouty-Related Negative Regulators of FGF Signalling in Prostate Cancer: A Working Hypothesis

Figure 6

Analysis of (a) SPRY1, (b) SPRY2, (c) SPRED1, and (d) SPRED2 gene expression in Oncomine dataset Vanaja_Prostate [34] from normal human prostate tissue (normal, ), primary prostate carcinoma tissue (primary, ), and metastatic prostate cancer (metastatic, ) where individual data points are given with means (sem) indicated by bar and whiskers of the median-centered signal intensity where the greater intensity indicates greater expression. Significant differences between means determined by one way ANOVA and Tukey’s HSD post hoc test, where and . (e) Analysis of mean (sem) sums of each gene rank score for individual samples, according to pathology, for association by rank correlation.