Table 4: Functional association of the identified protein dataset with Reactome cellular pathways.

Annotation (pathway/process)XD-scoreFisher-test, value

Formation of tubulin folding intermediates by CCT Tric3.7875
Further platelet releasate3.1660
Prefoldin mediated transfer of substrate to CCT Tric2.8529
Activation of chaperones by IRE1 alpha2.4375
Postchaperonin tubulin folding pathway2.3845
Chaperonin mediated protein folding1.6524
Formation of ATP by chemiosmotic coupling1.5375
Smooth muscle contraction1.4518
Cell-extracellular matrix interactions1.4250
p53 independent DNA damage response1.2026
Stabilization of p531.1070
Regulation of ornithine decarboxylase1.0779
VIF mediated degradation of APOBEC3G1.0779
Platelet degranulation1.0545
SCF beta TRCP mediated degradation of EMI11.0500
Association of Tric CCT with target proteins during biosynthesis1.0232