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Acute and Chronic Local Inflammatory Reaction after Implantation of Different Extracellular Porcine Dermis Collagen Matrices in Rats

Table 3

Correlation analysis between stained area of CD68+ (M1-like) macrophages (ED1) and CD163+ (M2-like) macrophages (ED2), T lymphocytes (R73), regenerative cells (Rat-401), and activated Il-2R-positive cells (OX39) for Permacol and NRX differentiated into the acute (experimental day 7) and chronic (experimental days 28, 56, and 112) phase of inflammation. Data are given as Pearson’s and values.

Acute phaseChronic phaseAcute phaseChronic phase

ED1 versus ED20.26910.60600.55900.0197−0.43150.3930−0.50730.0377
R73 versus ED10.83070.04060.46290.05310.81540.0480−0.35740.1454
R73 versus ED20.12090.81950.9395<0.0001−0.38450.45160.72020.0011
Rat-401 versus ED10.02700.95950.48090.0434−0.14890.81110.17080.5812
Rat-401 versus OX390.57600.23150.61110.00710.06450.91790.29220.2551