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Research Article

Validation of the Malay Version of the Inventory of Functional Status after Childbirth Questionnaire

Table 1

IFSAC subscales and items.


(1)  Household activities
B1.1Care of family members
B1.2Cleaning the house
B1.3Tidying the house (making beds, picking up things, etc.)
B1.5Doing dishes
B1.7Household business (paying bills, banking, etc.)
B1.8Grocery shopping
B1.9Shopping, other than groceries
B1.10Doing errands
B1.11Heavy housework and maintenance work (seasonal cleaning, painting, etc.)
B1.12Caring for pets
(2)  Social and community activities
B2.13Community service organizations
B2.14Professional organization
B2.15Religious organizations
B2.16Socializing with friends
B2.17Socializing with relatives
B2.18Social clubs
(3)  Infant care
B3.19Daytime feedings
B3.20Night feedings
B3.21Bathe the baby
B3.22Change diapers
B3.23Change the baby’s clothes
B3.24Play with the baby
(4)  Personal care
B4.25Spend much of the day lying down
B4.26Sit during much of the day
B4.27Spend much of the day sleeping or dozing
B4.28Stand for only short periods of time
B4.29Spend most of the day in my nightgown/bathrobe
B4.30Take walks
B4.31Go up and downs stairs
B4.32Walk slowly
(5)  Occupational activities
B5.33Am accomplishing as much as usual in my job
B5.34Act irritable toward my work associates (give sharp answers…)
B5.35Am working shorter hours
B5.36Am doing my job as carefully and accurately as usual