Research Article

Distinct Expression Pattern of a Deafness Gene, KIAA1199, in a Primate Cochlea

Figure 2

Expression of KIAA1199 in the lateral wall. (a) KIAA1199 expression is observed in type I, II, III, and V spiral fibrocytes. (b) KIAA1199 expression is observed in intermediate cells (arrow) and basal cells in the stria vascularis. No expression is observed in NKCC1 positive marginal cells. (c) KIAA1199 expression is markedly observed in outer sulcus cells (arrow head). No expression was observed in type IV spiral fibrocytes. StV: stria vascularis, I–V: type I–V spiral ligament fibrocytes, MC: marginal cells, IM: intermediate cells, and BC: basal cells. The nuclei were counterstained with Hoechst (blue). Scale bar: 100 μm in (a) and 50 μm in (b) and (c).