Research Article

Distinct Expression Pattern of a Deafness Gene, KIAA1199, in a Primate Cochlea

Figure 6

Validations of anti-KIAA1199 antibodies used in this study. (a) KIAA1199 expression is detected in the skin of the common marmoset. (b) Another anti-KIAA1199 antibody (Cosmo Bio: CB) revealed the same expression patterns of KIAA1199 in the common marmoset cochlea. (c) Immunohistochemistry with the cochleae of mouse. The immune reactivities in the lateral wall fibrocytes and spiral limbus were detected as reported previously. (d) Immunohistochemistry with the cochleae of rat. The immune reactivities were restricted in the supporting cells as reported previously. The nuclei were counterstained with Hoechst (blue). Scale bar: 100 μm.