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The Role of Targeted Temperature Management in Adult Patients Resuscitated from Nonshockable Cardiac Arrests: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Characteristics of included studies in the meta-analysis.

Author (year)Study designCountrySettingArrest locationCooling methodsNonshockableLength of follow-up

Hachimi-Idrissi et al. (2005) [26]RCTBelgiumSingle hospitalOHCAExternal33166 months
Laurent et al. (2005) [27]RCTFranceSingle hospitalOHCAMixed1166 months
Holzer et al. (2006) [28]OCSAustriaSingle hospitalMixedInternal5342830 days
Oddo et al. (2006) [29]OCSSwitzerlandSingle hospitalOHCAExternal2312Discharge
Arrich et al. (2007) [30]OCSEuropeMulticenterMixedMixed197124Discharge
Sunde et al. (2007) [31]OCSNorwaySingle hospitalOHCAMixed156Discharge
Heer (2007) [32]OCSGermanySingle hospitalOHCAInternal1810Discharge
Rittenberger et al. (2008) [33]OCSUSASingle hospitalMixedMixed8142Discharge
Storm et al. (2008) [34]OCSGermanySingle hospitalOHCAMixed4918Discharge
Bro-Jeppesen et al. (2009) [35]OCSDenmarkEMS + single hospitalOHCAMixed3413Discharge/6 months
Gaieski et al. (2009) [36]OCSUSASingle hospitalOHCAMixed189Discharge
Whitfield et al. (2009) [37]OCSAustraliaEMS + single hospitalOHCAMixed2815Discharge
Don et al. (2009) [38]OCSUSASingle hospitalOHCAExternal313122Discharge
Derwall et al. (2009) [39]OCSGermanyEMS + single hospitalOHCAMixed281314 days
Testori et al. (2011) [12]OCSAustriaSingle hospitalOHCAMixed3741356 months
Dumas et al. (2011) [13]OCSFranceSingle hospitalOHCAExternal437261Discharge
Pfeifer et al. (2011) [40]OCSGermanySingle hospitalMixedMixed110711 month
Storm et al. (2012) [41]OCSGermanySingle hospitalMixedMixed17587Discharge
Lundbye et al. (2012) [42]OCSUSASingle hospitalMixedInternal10052ICU Discharge
Lindner et al. (2013) [14]OCSNorwaySingle hospitalOHCAMixed263143Discharge
Kozinski et al. (2013) [43]OCSPolandSingle hospitalOHCAInternal136Discharge
Vaahersalo et al. (2013) [15]OCSFinlandSingle hospitalOHCAMixed22370Discharge/1 year
Perman et al. (2015) [16]OCSUSASingle hospitalMixedUnknown519262Discharge
Doshi et al. (2016) [44]OCSUSAMulticenterOHCAUnknown696335Discharge
Sung et al. (2016) [17]OCSUSASingle hospitalOHCAUnknown1423596Discharge

RCT: randomized controlled trials; OCS: observational cohort studies; OHCA: out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; EMS: emergency medical services.