Corrigendum to “α-Actinin TvACTN3 of Trichomonas vaginalis Is an RNA-Binding Protein That Could Participate in Its Posttranscriptional Iron Regulatory Mechanism”

Figure 7

Production of polyclonal antibodies and specific recognition of TvACTN3 domains (DIr, DIIr, and DIIIr) and T. vaginalis total protein extracts by the specific antibodies. WB assays using (a) TvACTN3r, (b) DIr, (c) DIIr, (d) DIIIr purified recombinant proteins, and (e) total protein extracts from T. vaginalis grown in regular iron conditions used as antigens and transferred onto NC membranes and incubated with α-TvACTN3r, α-DIr, α-DIIr, and α-DIIIr polyclonal antibodies (lanes 1–4). kDa, molecular weight markers in kilodaltons (Bio-Rad).