Figure 1: Overexpression of PTGR1 mRNA in NSCLC was revealed by data mining of the Oncomine database. (a) The expression of PTGR1 was upregulated in ADC tissues compared with the normal lung tissues revealed using the Beer Lung database. (b) Differential expression of PTGR1 in the normal and ADC tissues was revealed by the Okayama Lung dataset. (c) PTGR1 expression analysis in the lung, LCC, ADC, and SCC tissues in the Garber Lung dataset was shown. (d) PTGR1 expression in the lung, LCC, ADC, and SCC specimens in the Hou Lung dataset was different. The total number of samples was shown under each category. The values were calculated using two-tailed and unpaired Student’s -test.