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Lack of Association between Genetic Polymorphisms of JAK-STAT Signaling Pathway Genes and Acute Anterior Uveitis in Han Chinese

Table 2

Clinical characteristics of the investigated subjects.

Clinical featuresTotalPercentage

AAU patients929100
Mean age ± SD (years)39.8 ± 12.3
AAU with AS44347.7
AAU without AS48652.3
AAU male56961.2
AAU female36038.8
AAU with AS (male)326 (443 tested)73.6
AAU with AS (female)117 (443 tested)26.4
AAU without AS (male)243 (486 tested)50
AAU without AS (female)243 (486 tested)50
HLA-B27+ AAU546 (792 tested)68.9
HLA-B27+AAU AS+348 (428 tested)81.3
HLA-B27+AAU AS198 (364 tested)54.4
Mean age ± SD (years)39.5 ± 10.8