Figure 2: Inhibitory effect of MLB on RhoA translocation (a) and ROCK II expression (b) in the BAs. Expression of RhoA in the cytoplasm and membrane as well as ROCK II was also determined by Western blot analysis. (A) The healthy controls, (B) the vehicle-treated SAH rats, and (C) SAH rats received 10 mg/kg/day MLB treatment, (D) SAH rats received 10 mg/kg/day MLB preventive treatment, and SAH rats received both 10 mg/kg/day MLB pretreatment and 1 mg/kg L-NAME as (E) (upper panel). The ratio of membrane bound to cytoplasm RhoA in the SAH group was set at 100% in (a), whereas the expression of ROCK II (normalized using β-actin) was set the same in (b). Data are mean ± SEM (/group). , versus the vehicle +SAH, MLB, and L-NAME groups, respectively.