BioMed Research International / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

South Vietnamese Rural Mothers’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice in Child Health Care

Table 1

Basic characteristics related to all interviewees.

VariableNumber of interviewees
= 600

 Male4 0.7
Age (years)
 Number of mothers, 28 years old (mean age)549.0
 Eldest person interviewed (71 years old)
 Youngest one interviewed (17 years old)
Education level
 Primary school20734.5
 Secondary school21435.7
 High school12320.5
 Business person7312.2
 Health staff 61.0
Economic status
 Rich 172.8
Marital status
 Widowed 30.5
Siblings in a family
 01 child21535.8
 02 children28136.8
 03 children8414.0
 04 children203.3

Definition of household’s economic status: based on Prime Minister’s official paper number 09/2011/QĐ-TTg, dated November 30, 2011, for a standard to define a poor household in Vietnam: a rural household’s income  is less than 400,000 VND per month (equivalence is 20 USD) or 4,800,000 VND per year (about 230 USD); an urban household’s income is less than 500,000 VND per month (equivalence is 24 USD) or 6,00,000 VND per year (about 286 USD).