BioMed Research International / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

South Vietnamese Rural Mothers’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice in Child Health Care

Table 2

Child health care practices at home.

VariableNumber of interviewees
= 600

Child care mainly by
 Grand parents396.5
 Others (uncle, aunt)40 6.6
First place where a sick child was taken in order to get treatment
 Health commune station34657.7
 Private practice clinic15125.2
 Provincial/district hospital9716.2
 Quack doctor61.0
Reason for choosing health commune station as first place to get treatment
 Short distance17328.8
 Familiar place20534.2
 Free of charge for under 6 years old13622.7
Place for mothers to give birth
 Health commune station16227.0
 District hospital19332.2
 General provincial hospital22036.7
 Private practice clinics91.5
 Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA)162.7
Breast feeding right after birth
 30 minutes after birth36460.7
 1 hour after birth17228.7
 12 hours after birth 244.0
 The following day386.3
 No breast feeding20.3
Prevention of neonatal tetanus by vaccine against antitetanus (VAT) injection
 Understanding clearly56894.7
 Unknown 325.3