Table 5: Association of secondary traumatic syndrome symptoms with moral distress before (model 1) and after adjusting for work-related satisfaction covariates (model 2) and mental distress level (model 3).

Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale score
Univariable model
(model 1)
After adjusting for satisfaction and emotional exhaustion covariates (model 2) Also, adjusting for GHQ-28 score (model 3)
BSt. errorSt. beta valuebSt. errorSt. beta valuebSt. errorSt. beta value

Moral distress composite score0.0560.0110.345<0.0010.0440.0110.269<0.0010.0250.0090.1540.005
Job satisfaction level0.0490.3930.0100,90−0.0230.326−0.0050.94
Satisfaction from therapeutic relations−0.7610.421−0.1350.07−0.3830.352−0.0680.28
Emotional exhaustion level1.0210.2620.268<0.0010.3860.2270.1010.09
GHQ-28 score0.5650.0590.551<0.001

, , adjusted , , adjusted , , adjusted