Figure 2: Gene expression profile of stimulated adhering precursors in culture for 21 days. At day 1, TRAF6 expression in patients at follow-up was significantly reduced (). At day 7, both FRA-2 and CTSK expressions were significantly decreased ( and 0.035, resp.). At day 21, patients at follow-up had significantly reduced expression when compared to patients at baseline (). Gene expression shown as a ratio to housekeeping expression (2(−ΔCT)/2(−ΔCT)). Dots in graphs represent median gene expression for each group at each time point and lines represent interquartile range []. d: day; TRAF6: gene encoding tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor-6; FRA-2: gene encoding Fos-related antigen-2; CTSK: gene encoding cathepsin K. τ: remained significant after adjusting for multiple comparisons.